The Purpose Collection

To reduce our environmental impact, the CHARLES & KEITH Purpose Collection takes a thoughtful approach to design by incorporating more sustainably sourced materials into our products. It is the perfect range of contemporary accessories for the style-savvy and environmentally conscious shopper. To ensure a greater level of sustainability across all our products, a variety of sustainable materials are used. Below, you will find information on each of these materials.

Water-Based Faux Leather

Water-based faux leather requires less energy to produce, yet it offers the same elegant style as traditional faux leather products. Whether you're seeking a new everyday bag or shoes that will elevate your work attire, this collection will not only make you look good but also feel better about your fashion choices.

Recycled Cotton & Canvas Fabrics

Recycled fabrics help reduce waste by repurposing textile and giving them new life. We utilise two main recycled fabrics — cotton and canvas — to create classic pieces that are perfect for your warm-weather wardrobe. Not only do these fabrics look chic, but they are also lightweight and breathable.

Recycled Polyester & Nylon

Recycled polyester and nylon are obtained by re-spinning threads into polyester fibres, creating a smaller carbon footprint. If you are looking for quality and longevity, this versatile monochromatic range is partially made from recycled material and will stand the test of time.

Denim Bags

A classic and durable blue fabric commonly found in our wardrobes, denim will perfectly complement both casual and dressy looks. Our curated range comes in various silhouettes and sizes, offering both sleek and textured versions for you to choose from.

Textured Bags

A collection of iconic pieces that adds an extra level of style and sophistication to your look. With their unique textures and designs, these pieces stand out and elevate any outfit, making a bold fashion statement.